Distributors of motor homes (RVs), what are your expectations?

Today, pressured by new consumer practices (fierce competition from “person-to-person” sales, growth of the rental market, the explosion of the web to attract customers, etc.), the distributors of recreational vehicles must adapt and reshape their approach to customer relations.

For the past 15 years, Select’up has offered RV distributors a range of CRM solutions tailored to their needs and worked alongside professionals to increase customer knowledge and business performance.

eSeller: the solution for distributors of recreational vehicles

Select’up supports you with new digital tools

  1. A powerful CRM application for your vendors
  2. Mastery of the management of leads
  3. Centralized customer information
  4. Guide features to help you make decisions

Business interfaces and dedicated connections

eSeller is compatible with the tools of motorhome distributors:

  • Compatibility with the main DMS of the market
  • A single interface to manage all advertisers
  • The same tool for posting vehicles to your own website and to the online classified ads
  • Receiving leads in real-time in the sales department

eSeller is connected:

  • To DMS Winsun and Dealer Business (Everlog) for orders and stock
  • To your website
  • To online classified ads

RV dealers trust us