Management of customer relations in agricultural and gardening machinery

Select’up offers to dealers of agricultural and gardening machinery a CRM tool adapted to their needs: mobility, immediate access to the data and sharing of information.
The sale of agricultural and gardening machinery is an increasingly complex business, requiring a great deal of technical know-how (the equipment is increasingly sophisticated), and high mobility (frequent trips to professional customers).

The sales people need to access their information instantly while on the move, to inform a client or determine his needs during the appointment. Managers need to collaborate with a mobile sales force, thanks to shared information on the actions and offers in progress.

Select’up takes into account the specific needs of agricultural/gardening equipment dealers, and offers a CRM adapted to those needs to improve its commercial efficiency.

eSeller: the solution in the agricultural and gardening equipment field

eSeller: A recognized solution in the agricultural and gardening equipment world

  1. Access to inventory wherever you are in France
  2. Entering reports and actions to be taken
  3. Creating commercial offers
  4. Sharing of information with the manager in real time
  5. Connections to the main market tools

Business interfaces and dedicated connections

Connections to farm management software:

  • Winagri , Wingreen, Dealer Business (Everlog)
  • I30, i40, i80 (Irium)

Automatic posting of ads to:

  • Agri Affaire
  • Terre – net

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